Shetland Sheep: Rich in History, Rich in Textiles

Shetland Sheep: Rich in History, Rich in Textiles! Our farm mission is to enjoy and promote the wonderful diversity of the Shetland breed by fully utilizing to the best of our ability all they have to offer historically. We believe the best preservation and management of this breed includes it's full spectrum of history. We encourage old and new shepherds alike to join in the fun by engaging in fiber arts, especially spinning and knitting, as this breed is so intimately linked with those aspects of the arts.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beautiful Frosty Mornings!

Morning sunshine highlights complexity of frosty crystals.

Winter peace has settled upon the landscape of Wheely Wooly Farm.  Snow covers the ground while the temperature dips.  The sunshine is bright as it glints through the frosted window panes, showing diamond-like fire in the ice!  It's so pretty, one can't help but slow down for a study of the many shapes of all the crystals when walking by.  Steaming hot coffee...sweet feathered friends hopping about, and warm toes snuggled in wool socks all toasty warm!  

As the day goes on, we bustle about.  Hats, scarves, sweaters and mittens for the barn, then all over again for going off to the city, then all over again to check on the flock once more.  Just as the frost grows and wanes on the window panes, so too do the layers we don for each step of the day.

What?  Don't have your Wheelspun Yarns yet?  Check out the store for many colors and now patterns, too!  Take out your hooks and needles, make a toasty beverage, and settle into making some warmth for yourself and your family!  You'll be so glad you did!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Peace and Joy To All!

The shepherds and flock of Wheely Wooly Farm wish all of you a very happy Holiday Season, full of joy and peace!  We will be taking some time off now for rest, after a very busy year.  However, the online store will remain open all through the holidays and will be checked frequently for your orders.  Thank you for your support in 2017!  It is an honor to bring you fine yarns straight from the farm and we hope you find peace and happiness while making nice things from the yarn!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Scarves FINALLY in the store!!

Smoky Mountain Sunrise

Please forgive us for taking so long to get the scarves in the online store!  Here is the start of them...with at least three photos of each to see in the description of each scarf.  For warmth with style, we spin style and performance together!  Click here to enter store:

(What clown forgot to remove the date stamp on the camera?!?  I guess sheep farms are not really photography studios...)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sock Knitting Season is upon us!

For the best sock yarn you'll ever find, check out the Wheely Wooly Farm store!  There you'll discover bulkier yarns for heavy boot socks or super comfy house socks, such as Beatrice, Misty, or Lil' Dipper.  For socks that will fit into clogs or shoes, look for worsted yarns, which is nearly all the rest of the yarns in the store.

WHY have cold feet, when you can be warm?  Click our website to the right to find the store.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

As the year comes to a close:

As 2017 comes to a close, Wheely Wooly Farm, the shepherds, the sheep dogs, the sheep, and even the barn cats are content to let winter peacefully fall upon the landscape so that we may all rest and take some time together!  It has been a busy year, starting with hot weather and tank tops to wool sweaters and mittens, from the call of seagulls over the building tops to jingle bells and cinnamon smells.  It's a good thing it's time to recoup and rest, because once again, our inventory is down quite low.

Wilbur is now all sold out again (and most, if not all of Lil' Rainbow?), and I think there are only a couple of Motif skeins left.  The Mona skeins are nearly out, only a couple left of Bobbin, and even Iris is getting low.  Bobble is sold out, Beatrice is popular in this cold weather as everyone thinks of wanting more warmth.  While the natural colors are very low, there is a nice selection of dyed yarns, including Glacier, Ruby Red, Violets, a little Aquamarine, and such.  We knew it'd be hard to get through 2017 with enough moorit, with Gwendolyn and Gracie lambing and missing out on a good production year, along with some other moorits lightening up to more of a mooskit.

Not only have we attended nearly every market since June and pumped out more yarn than ever, we undertook a huge farm project as well in refencing our pastures for the security of our sheep and dogs.  That took a LONG time! lol  And the farm office has seen some changes so that we may more efficiently serve all of you.

In all, 2017 has been a very big year for the farm!  The hours have been long, and challenges popping up all the time.  The new office is a breeze to work in, and the spinning wheel always beckons, with fleeces lined up in a tidy row, each ready for it's turn.  Ideas buzz in our heads like bees swarming around a good hive!   I have a feeling rest and down time won't last long, for January is looking really exciting!!

And now, the count down begins for gifts.  Don't forget that we now offer gift cards!  I hope to have them on the store a.s.a.p. and so much more!  If you need a gift basket in time for the holidays, please don't wait to order, as shipping deadlines are fast approaching.  Remember, shipping is FREE for a little while longer!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Sheep Farms are not...

photography studios. lol

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It is with great relief and joy that we can say...we are back open!  Yes, our online shop is back open, after a very intense period.  Behind the scenes, the shepherds have been working a TON of hours to bring you a smooth and safe online shopping experience!  We already know it will be appreciated, and we are surely grateful to all who are growing with us slowly but surely!

The decision was made to stick with our earlier store, which is powered by Square, and has proven very trustworthy for us all.  This store has it's limits, but it will satisfy all that is needed so that you can still get your yarns and needles before Christmas, and long after that!  New items have been added, so you'll have to go see! 

Penny's Stocking Stuffer Bundle - for every knitter's dreams!

To reduce the amount of downtime with no online shopping (five days was wayyyy too long already!), things had to happen quickly, therefore, we know all the skeins we have available for sale are not all back in the store.  As the days pass, we will fix this.  If you happen to notice something you'd like in your online shopping experience, that the store is lacking in or could use improvement with, please do not feel afraid to email your comments about such things to us and we'll strive to get things just as everyone likes.  

So much of what we have to offer is not in the online store yet, but we hope to have it there soon!  We did manage to get some pretty gift baskets put together, and had a lot of fun doing that!  Who will the lucky knitters or crocheters be who score these special gifts for Christmas?!?

Well, that's the news at the moment!  Happy shopping everyone, and oh, almost forgot!  Free shipping will be extended through the holiday shopping season as our thanks to everyone!  

Friday, December 8, 2017

A very important announcement

Wheely Wooly Farm's online store has been closed, due to not receiving deposits from a large payment processor.  We have worked diligently to resolve the problem over an extended period of time, with no forward movement towards resolution.  Simply put, our money has been stolen.

We believe that at no time was customer information compromised, and all who ordered received their yarn.  If you ordered yarn through this payment processor, we have been informed that you will be receiving a refund sometime in January. 

It is hoped that, after healing from this burn, that we can start anew in creating a secure, and pleasurable online shopping experience for all of you who desire the beautiful Wheelspun Yarns straight from the farm.  And next time, we will be sticking with Square, who has been very trustworthy for us all.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Want to see a shepherd leap into action in one second flat?!?  Probably, not really. lol

Last night, we started feeling like the house was haunted or something.  It was a night frought with problems.  All of them proved minor in the end, but it sure changed the peace we had felt before the wind kicked up.  With gusts roaring up to 50 m.p.h. and temps falling from 62 degrees F here at the farm to 29 degrees 9 hours later, it was NOT a peaceful night!!

The worst to happen was this horrible crash in the basement, followed by farmhouse cat, Maisie Mittens raging into the worst cat fight sounds imaginable!  Hissing, howling, fighting, banging, thumping,  oh boy!  It was nuts!!  We raced down to the lowest level we have to investigate...very carefully.  It seemed something was loose in the basement....a monster?  An alien?  A bear?  lol

No.  It was just Sugar Bear!!!  "Paws" as we call him, seems to have cleverly found his own way into the house.  I think he'd pass an intelligence test, if put to it.  For some reason, he has decided Maisie is a threat.  He chased her and scared the daylights out of her.  They tore up the steps, hissing, howling, fighting, thumping, then nearly fell back down.  She ultimately hid under something he couldn't get under...cause he's a little...ah....fat.  There she was, howling this alien noise at him, he standing there tail twitching.  After separating them safely, we sent him BACK outside.  How on earth did he get in, anyway??

Back to Maisie.  Paws drew blood somehow.  Maisie was in a high hiding spot, licking her ego and wounds.  We started putting things back in order, picking up the stuff they scattered around.  Then, we heard banging on a window.  Scared, we were afraid something was trying to get in!  Then, we saw it!!!  Sugar Bear's FACE!!  We laughed and laughed!  Seems Sugar Bear has learned how to get in, and was very frustrated that we fixed his 'door' tightly in place!

Once that commotion was settled, the wind banged, howled, and raged all night, and all day.  But everything is fine.  The sheep are cozy in the barn, out of the nasty wind.  And Paws?  No sofa time for him today!  He's outside, in his glory, chasing leaves, leaping at leaves in the air, darting after leaves spinning in whirlwinds, and such.  He's having a ball!

The view out the farmhouse windows is always interesting!

Friday, December 1, 2017


Always feels good to run on nice, sunny day!

Let's see...Posie is in front to the left, then Splashlyn (black far left), Beatrice with pig tails flying, Sweetie or Sweetness is the little white Shetland sheep in center, behind her is tall Jinka, a mess after her first lamb and growing back so fast after shearing, I almost forgot I sheared her..., to right and behind Sweetie is Peerielyn, the rest are Rosebud, Buzzy, Misty, and Phloxie.  The rest are out of sight of the camera.  Love them all!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Still Cracks Me Up

Just thought we'd share a silly moment from the farm.  This was taken a few years ago, when sheep dog, Swifty was younger.  He's a Border Collie...a farm dog.  Farm dogs are barn dogs.  You can bring them into the house, but they find it a bit off.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Early morning sunshine shines on the booth here in this shot from back in early September.  I'm sorry to say the needles with the yellow balls are sold, as are some of the skeins.  It has been a very busy summer for us here at the farm!!  Things moved quick this year, especially the moorit!  It's been hard to keep moorit in stock, and we are eagerly awaiting for Saxony, Peerielyn, and the others to bring us more of their beautiful yarns.  Needles were also very popular all summer.  Our yarns traveled the globe again, in some cases, to countries they've already been to.  We so enjoy talking with all of you out there!  Hearing of your countries, states, projects, and memories makes our summer!  And this year, we had the most amazing sheep, who had many different colors on the table for sale, all sold out in one day, to at least three different customers who did not know each other, and who visited our booth at different times.  That's simply amazing!!

Our 15% off CyBAA Monday sale ends very shortly, along with our FREE SHIPPING offer in expression of our gratitude to you, our customers, for following along through the growth with us all these years.  Looking ahead, it does get a bit overwhelming, so what is a shepherdess to do?  Spin!  On the wheel right now is Misty.  Just off the wheel is more lovely Penny.  Morning Glory is also being spun right now, but being a lamb, her fleece is messier than I think I'll sell.  It's a soft, rich black fleece, but has VM in it.  We are building gift baskets with enough natural colored yarn to make a wrap...included will be a pair of wrap  needles and pattern.  What a great gift!  Keep watch, for there are many things ahead for your knitting/crocheting pleasures, as well as warmth with style! 

I never thought I'd say this...but I think winter is gonna be too short!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Needles are now in the new store!

The knitting needles are now in the new store!  We didn't have the proper images ready for them, but we know so many of you have already seen the needles in our booth at the farm market and already have needles picked out.  With this in mind, and the fact that the holiday season is literally just around the corner, we knew we better just get them out there.  Better images will be coming in time.  Thank you so much for your patience, and remember, for a limited time,  the shipping's on us!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Wheely Wooly Farm is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our exciting new online farm store!  Please head to our website and click on the "Go To Shop" button to see it for yourself!  Here you will find easy search features, secure ways to pay, and best of all, FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!  A warm thank you goes out to all our loyal customers and farm friends for waiting so patiently for us to get this done!  The head shepherdess did not realize how many things the sheep have been producing until it was time to get things into the new store.  Now, no matter the weather (like today for example, where we missed market due to ice on roads), you can now shop any time, any where, for our  new store is device responsive.  Shop from your phone or tablet or desk top!  And remember, for a limited time, the shipping's on us!  Head on over to the new store and order your new yarn today!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's Mitten Time!

Wheely Wooly Farm Mittens
Shetland Black with Blue Frost Trim/Flower

It's cold out there today!  So glad I planned ahead and had mittens lined up, ready  for when the winds pick up like today.  Here is Shetland Black (Mona), spun worsted weight.  This mitten is being worked up on double point needles.  The flower was sewn on after the mitten was finished.  These were done a long time ago actually, and to this day are favorites for going away.

The most recent pair made were finished just this morning.  New barn mittens are always needed as our chores here definitely keep us busy when it gets cold!  Today's mittens were the color of Lake Michigan on a warm summer day...bright green/blues.  They are so pretty against the browning November landscape!

Updates on farm news go like this....things around here are hoppin!!!  The online store is taking a ton of time to get ready to re-open because it's going to be a really nice store!  Keep watch for that!  Plus the cold weather brings new details to chore time.  And I'll post sometime soon about the two pretty new ewes we have, Moon and Grace.  Always a lot going on at the farm!!

Hope all of you are keeping warm out there!  We will be at the market on Saturday morning, so if you are cold, come see us!  Market is inside the City Center in Downtown Appleton (see our website for directions), and goes from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  Bring your grocery money, for you will find really nice vegetables and other goodies there as well!  Warm wool and yummy veggies...just can't go wrong with that!  See you Saturday!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Indoor Market starts Saturday!!

Please come visit us at the first indoor farm market Saturday November 4th 9a.m. to 12:30p.m.!   Located inside the City Center in downtown Appleton, the market will be a hopping event, with about 40 vendors providing a really nice variety of things that are good for you, or good for giving!  We'll be on the east side, near the photo shop.  Coming to market with us will be lots of new scarves and skeins, especially from Penny and Beatrice.  Beatrice has thick and cushy yarn perfect for keeping the cold away and is unlike pretty much anything you'll ever find anywhere else!  The colors are Ruby Red, Violets, Blue Frost...and more!  Actually, there is a LOT happening here on the farm, so be sure to check in often by visiting our website, blog, or facebook page so you don't miss out on what's new!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Announcement on Website

Please go to our website by clicking on the link to the right, for an announcement!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Our Lovely Iris

Lovely Iris, on a warm summer day
Her fleece is growing back nicely after I sheared her.

Iris is a star around here!  THAT is an understatement!  This sheep has changed our lives, and our farm in amazing ways, and we are very thankful to have her!  She's a purebred Shetland sheep, out of the long gone Sheepy Hollow flock.  I (Amy) fell in love with Iris head over heels after purchasing her fleece from a friend, who owned her at the time.  That spinning experience changed everything!  It was the moment that turned everything in my life upside down!!  This is indeed a very special sheep!

After that life changing fleece, I talked to Iris's owners.  They were willing to sell her to me, and I was very thankful!  In doing research on her paperwork, a shocking thing was discovered.  ALL of the Sheepy Hollow ewes were given botanical names, as the flock owner loved flowers and gardens.  Yet, this one ewe, whom everyone knew as Iris was actually registered with a different name.  Can you guess which it is?  If you guessed are right!  Yep.  That's right.  This sheep was NOT registered as Iris.  Her name is Sheepy Hollow Amy.  How incredible is that?!?  She was the only sheep in that flock I could find with a "human" name.  And it's my name.  It was destiny.

Iris came home with me on a special day.  Our friends who owned her found her aloof and a bit challenging.  Upon having time on our farm to learn how her new home is, I worked with her a lot.  She was a very predator-wary and strong ewe.  It took time to gain her trust.  Every shepherd likes to have sheep that are easy to work with, yet strong in protecting herself and her lambs out on grazing.  Even though she came from a very nice farm with very nice people, she just didn't trust anything!  In time, this melted.

Today, Iris is twelve and a half years old!  During our last flock run-through, we discovered that after grazing all summer, she has finally lost her front teeth.  Her fleece is still as lovely as ever, and I'm spinning some right now in fact.  It's still my most favorite fleece ever!  That's saying something because our farm now has many sheep with many lovely fleeces.  Iris is special!

So if you find Iris's popular yarn on the table at the market, now you know a bit about her history, and how she's provided joy for so many!  You can feel confident that your yarn is coming from a well-loved flock where each animal is treasured and appreciated.  What a wonderful thing!  How lucky we all are, for it hasn't always been this way historically speaking.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Easy Crocheted Wrist Warmers

Violet's Coneflowers Wrist Warmers w/
Mona's Natural Black Flowers

Make these easy crocheted wrist warmers with Wheely Wooly Farm's new patterns...coming soon!  Perfect indoors or out, any season when you wish for added warmth!  Very stylish, easy to wear, easy to make...perfect!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Peony's Aquamarine Neck Warmer w/
Pretty Border, Embellished w/
Flower & Button

Check out this pretty neck warmer by Wheely Wooly Farm!  Crocheted with a large hook in the round and topped with a pretty border, this cozy winter garment is easy to make!  Pattern available within a couple of days!!  Easy projects...for everyone!  We've got you covered in style.  Watch the online store for pattern release, or visit our booth at the farm market.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

PomPom Sheep!

Beautiful Beatrice!

Beautiful Beatrice makes GREAT pompoms!  Her thick and cushy yarn is ideal for making adorable poms to attach to all sorts of fun things.  Poms were out of style a long time, but are definitely making a comeback.  Poms made on our farm come from a variety of sheep, but Beatrice is one of our favorites.  Her yarn is wonderful for all kinds of things.  It is soft, and will definitely help you feel cozy warm.  She's a super sweet sheep, too.  Very playful, and a very good mom.  It's probably quite obvious that we adore Beatrice around here!

On a sad note, we lost Lacey unexpectedly, one of our blue ribbon sheep.  She was six years old already.  Losing one is always hard!!  She leaves us lambs in the flock, though.  In fact, one of them is Saxony.  His yarn sold out quickly and won't be available for awhile again.  We do have other moorit colors available.

Check out our Embellish! display in the booth Saturday mornings for cute poms to add to your fun projects!  

Monday, October 2, 2017

The store has been spruced up!

Check out the changes on our online store by clicking this link!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lacy Scarves

These lovely lacy scarves are waiting just for you!  New this year is a larger selection with more colors available to meet your style and gift giving needs.  These light scarves are very classy.  They dress up beautifully for fancier events or occasions.  Also suitable for indoors at work, out for dinner, or simply a trip to the grocery store.  Dress up or in jeans, these scarves go where you need them to!  Easily handwashed, priced by weight.  Bloom your style with these elegant lace scarves by Wheely Wooly Farm!

Monday, September 25, 2017

"A Garden of Yarn"!

Enjoy the 100% Wheelspun Yarns from Wheely Wooly Farm and bring color into your winter days!  Suitable for a vast array of patterns from garments, gifts, toys and more, be sure to brighten the cold days ahead with something special from Wheely Wooly Farm!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Claire's 100% Wheelspun Yarn in Glacier 
w/ Bobbin's Moorit Flowers

Spark your creativity with Embellishments! new from Wheely Wooly Farm!!  Choose from an assortment of of pompoms, flowers, bows, tassels and adorable buttons, all made from 100% Wheelspun Yarns in an assortment of pretty colors.  Pre-made, each quickly and easily attaches to anything you want with two ties at the back, old projects or new!  Visit our new Embellish! page on our website for more details and price list by clicking on the link to the right.  Pick some up this weekend and start embellishing your life!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cats are smart!  They know where the warmth and style is...

Wheely Wooly Farm is running a special FALL SALE on Wraps...15%  OFF!!  As the weather turns cool and the leaves skitter across the streets, wrap yourself in style!  Our wraps enhance any style you like to wear, any jewelry you like.  We can almost guarantee you will get compliments on these lovely wraps!!  

Made with 100% Wheelspun Yarns in natural and dyed colors, easily handwashed when needed, very versatile.  Add quality and style to your wardrobe today!  Hurry, sale ends soon!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Honorary Sheep Dog gets a new sweater!

Meet Annabelle, Wheely Wooly's First Honorary Sheep Dog!
She is wearing her brand new dog sweater, embellished with pink flowers, tassels and trim.  
A belly band buttons on each side with a cute green button.

The front piece protects her from snow or cold winds, and helps the sweater sit nicely.

Annabelle's Honorary Sheep Dog story can be found on a post from long ago.  I'll look back and insert the date here sometime soon, so you can look back at it if you'd like.   Annabelle, who's ten years old already, just had a major surgery and a bit of a tough recovery, but she is progressing nicely.

Her new sweater is made from ewe Peppermint's yarn, dyed in a beautiful violet color (there are two currently left in that color for sale, as well as other colors).  The trim, flowers and tassels are made from Misty's Pink Poodle yarn.  The design of the sweater is completely made up as the crocheting went along type of thing, with frequent fittings.  It's made in two main pieces with a band that goes from the chest, under the belly and up the two sides for securing.  Annabelle is not one to pull things off so bows, buttons, flowers, and tassels are safe for her. 

Speaking of embellishments such as bows, buttons, etc...Wheely Wooly Farm is about to spark your creativity in a very fun way, so watch for what's coming before the next market!!

UPDATE:  The Honorary Sheep Dog post about Annabelle was written on March 10th, 2010...yes, that's 2010!  It's titled "Annabelle's Promotion".  Going back and reading the early years of the farm blog cracks the head shepherdess up!  What great stuff!!  Don't miss out on all the great sheep photos, Swifty as a puppy, and gorgeous fiber!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Oh no...

To our customers, their families, and everyone else in the Florida area, we are very worried about you, too!!  We know you are leaving or getting ready to wait it out, busy getting ready for this incredible storm...our hearts are with you!  Please stay safe!!  If you don't make it up to our area like some of you did last year, we will miss you and worry...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Geese All Grown

Beautiful Beautiful Geese!

The geese on Wheely Wooly Farm are not for hobby purposes, rather they are valued farm employees.  Consider them the vacuum cleaners of the pastures, gleaning nutrition from what modern cultures have been taught to think of as just empty space in need of something.  Why do we mention anything about the geese?  Well, it's because nothing in nature works by itself...everything is connected.  Without the geese, the sheep would not be as healthy.  Sheep that are not as healthy grow poorer quality wool.  So you can see, we are much in love with our geese, as they help keep the sheep healthy, so that we have bounteous amounts of beautiful wool!!

If you are looking to get started with geese, we would carefully consider selling one pair.  Just email if you are interested (see the link on the right side of the blog.)  

Friday, September 1, 2017

Beatrice's Lovely Cream!

Beatrice has a lovely cream color to her yarn that is natural.  We often dye her yarns into very pretty colors, but her natural color is equally lovely!  Wilbur is available again, but in a small quantity.  His color is amazing!  New dyed colors are also coming, such as our new French Lavender.  With hundreds of skeins to choose from, you are sure to find something you love! 

If you cannot make it to our market booth Saturday mornings, don't worry!  Simply head to our website by clicking on the link to the right, then click the pink Farm Shop oval.  Once in the shop, you can browse all the pretty yarns there!  We ship anywhere in the continental U.S.!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Victims

To all our customers, their families, and everyone else in Houston, the gulf coast, and Texas, we are very worried about you!  You are in our hearts!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So what does this mean...pattern resources

The busy shepherdess, who has projects in progress (PIP's) everywhere is turning out just like them!! 


The wonderful women of my childhood did not seem one bit set back, even though things surely were hard for their generation.  It was obvious to me as a child that they were busy with their creations because they loved the useful and pretty results of what they made.  The time and effort they devoted to the work gave them so much more in return.  It's truly amazing how they did all that without the resources we have on hand today!

So what resources are out there?  Where can one find patterns?  Here are a few suggestions of places to look:

1.  Did you know most libraries are actually part of a vast regional collection of which you can also borrow from?  Go to your local library's website and find the name of the regional in Winnebago County, we are Winnefox.  Another example south of here is the Monarch library system.  Each region is actually a large collection of small town libraries, and each collection is available with just the click of a mouse!  How is that for fabulous!! In my experience, there is little repeat of collection items for this very purpose.  That means you can find stitch dictionaries, pattern books based on all sorts of themes and ideas, and periodicals.  There are several magazines devoted to knitting and crochet, all available through these systems, so check it out and open a whole new world of ideas!!

2.  Did you know that area book stores and Goodwill stores stock great knitting/crochet books?  On one recent trip to an Appleton bookstore, we found extremely cute pattern books on crocheted farm animals that had us trying to contain our giggles right there in the aisle.  But the collection is actually vast and diverse!  Grab a hot cup of coffee and let the browsing begin until you find something you can't resist and open a whole new world of fun!

3.  Did you know that there is a ton of free patterns available on the internet?  It's true!  Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to last, as this is getting tighter and tighter.  If you have experience with knit or crochet, just looking at pictures of other people's work is great fun!  Other people love to show what they've made and wish to inspire you so don't be shy or worry...sharing is a strong American trait!

Any one of these three above can quickly flood you with inspiration, ideas, and guidance for things to make.  This is a very rich time for idea exchange that cannot be taken for granted.  Utilize it to advance your skills and broaden your knowledge.

Wheely Wooly Farm yarns are ideal for nearly every pattern out there, just match the gauge and needle or hook size.  In fact, most pattern collections are designed for any yarn available to you in your area that matches the gauge.  Our yarns are easily washed and suitable for just about every project you could put them in.  Our colors are vibrant, varigated and naturally appealing, so put these yarns in clothing, household items, toys...anything!  Even dog sweaters!  We think you will love the results!

Happy hunting for patterns and when you are vastly overwhelmed with all the fun options, come see us at the market and we'll do what we can to help!

P.S.  I forgot to mention when I posted this yesterday, what has become of that pretty neighborhood full of flowers and gardens with spacious houses all orderly and filled with love, occupied by sharing social people who made really good cookies.  After most of those residents passed away or moved into homes closer to a family member, the city virtually stopped maintaining or investing in the neighborhood.  No longer maintained, the streets fell into near ruin and were quite uncomfortable to drive on.  Street lights would be dark, not fixed, and so on.  Some of the ladies houses fell into drug houses, and the neighborhood became much less safe.  They went from apple pies and canned pears to...something much much different.  While some families stubbornly stayed, most of the rest moved away and the bigger houses no longer held business leaders.  The last time I drove through there was a shock.  Their houses are falling apart.  You can't even see where their gardens were.  There are junk cars in the yards.  Many, many trees are gone so it's much hotter and drier there now.  The generation that built America is gone.  In it's place is...well...I'll leave that interpretation to you!  I know how sad it would make that generation to see the way it is today!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Busy, happy people

The head shepherdess of Wheely Wooly Farm grew up in the city, running through yards, catching any and all dogs in the neighborhood, and befriending the many, many widows that lived everywhere.  All those widows were a dream for a young girl!!  At that time, so many women outlived their husbands, for their husbands had built our nation.  They had fought in world wars, sweated in factories, and built up our food supply unlike anything seen before.  In my city, they built doors, windows, furniture, paper products of all sorts, put the world on track for municipal garbage collection, made heavy duty axles for all sorts of huge vehicles, and many other hard things.

And yet, despite being alone in their homes, they were the happiest, smiliest, most cheerful, social people I knew growing up!  They also bought huge amounts of chocolate from a little girl hoping to make a sales goal!

So what does this have to do with sheep?  Well, it doesn't!  But all of these women were very busy.  They grew gorgeous, perfect gardens.  They raised scrumptious apples, pears, raspberries and massive hygrangeas.  They introduced me to cultures, customs, and languages from the homelands, particularly Norway and Scotland.  They showed me snapdragons, and how to get morning glories to climb nearly to the sky, and how to make a rain barrel.  They had showstopping pantries stocked with pretty jars of food on lovely lacy shelf liners and doilies!  They asked about my life.  They cared.  They exuberated love.  And they ALL knit, crocheted, or tatted.  They'd pull up an extra chair on nice summer evenings out in the driveway, and wait to see who'd come land in it for awhile.  If it was the chatty little girl, or a nearby adult, all were welcome and appreciated.

Their houses were positively filled in every visual space with beautiful things.  Arm chair covers, shelf doilies, liners and trims, decorative shade pulls, lamp shade trims, fancy table cloths, canning jar covers, even the spare roll of toilet paper all covered in something cute or beautiful!  Rugs, curtains, side tables, bedspreads, over the edge on pillow cases, bath towels, even hot pads for hot dishes!  Busy!  These women were very, very busy!

There was something else they were very good at...well, that is if zucchini wasn't ready yet in the garden...cookies!  What kid doesn't love a kind neighbor with really good cookies out of zucchini season??!?  The only problem was...if you stood still long enough to politely snorkle down such delicious cookies, you did get a sense that you might be the next thing to be covered in lace, crochet, or knitting!

As an adult now, with my own flock of sheep, I no longer fear such worries, rather, I cherish them!  All those beautiful people will forever be vibrant and happy memories!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Think about it.

In today's media of all sorts targeted to women who knit or crochet, a new message is coming through strong & clear.  Screaming through carefully designed words and images is the message that knit or crochet improves or saves your mind and/or health, as though anyone who makes things with yarn is not well, or feeling downtrodden and in need of something.

When do you ever see men encouraged to buy tickets to a football game to "relieve depression" or "improve mood", or watch a basketball game to "slow cognitive decline", or "build confidence", or attend a golf tournament to "reduce memory loss" or "feel like you can accomplish something"??

Just wondering.

Friday, August 11, 2017

More of the view from the farm!

Would you find this anywhere else? lol Probably not!
Now you know what us shepherds see everyday...

Update on the yarns...Penny had a sensational week last week, selling out after several different customers picked her yarn out of the rows and rows of pretty colors!  That has never happened before, and we are truly amazed by how that went!  We also put several skeins of Beatrice out last week and she too sold fast, so we are hoping to have more on the table soon!  Awaiting labels are Beatrice's Violets plus Orange, as well as ewe Poppy's Buttercream and a lovely Lake Michigan type green from Minty.  New needle colors have been added, and we are working on new displays, so come on by to check out what's new, as things are changing every week!

Tonight, the shepherdess was soaking in the beauty of the evening, for something special happened.  Do you ever have a moment where something everyday just seems so beautiful for some reason?  We have a lot of those moments here, but tonight, one happened that will forever be in our minds.  As the sun was moving low in the sky, we let the horses out for an evening gallop.  (There are two horses living on Wheely Wooly Farm...Carumba the whinnying pretty girl, and Calipso...arguably the cutest pony in the whole wide world.)  As the horses flew out around a fence and headed for their favorite galloping space, their hooves beat a lovely sound on the ground.  Calipso, who has white socks on all four legs, was galloping the most beautiful little dressage gallop, all centered and balanced, head perfectly placed.  He flew across air, light, effortless, and glowing from the angled rays of the sun, with his white socks flashing in the prettiest way!  His long mane gracefully flew back and he seemed so free, so happy!!  We all stopped what we were doing and just watched, speechless.  Time seemed to stop for a bit as he galloped to the end of the pasture, turned, and galloped back, then turned and galloped some more.  The sound of his hooves perfect cadence, his body light, his socks so flashy!  When he finally settled into some grazing and a good roll, kicking his hooves high above his body, we cracked up at his pure delight in the evening!  The amazing thing is...he's 30 years old and an old man!  He has no teeth left at the end of his mouth with which to pull off grass anymore.  He limps from time to time, stiff from age.  Yet, on such a beautiful night, he got to gallop long and free.  Truly beautiful, a moment passed that will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The View From Here...

This is the shepherd's view!
Sheep, sheepdogs, grass...a wonderful way of life!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A beautiful scarf to make!

100% Wheelspun Yarn Scarf by Wheely Wooly Farm
*Model is wearing Glacier*

Complicated patterns can make nearly any yarn look good, but simple patterns need really good yarn to look right.  With a mere four ounces of 100% Wheelspun Yarn, you can make this incredibly easy scarf and have something that when finished, will bring you compliments for years to come!  If you are looking for an easy summer project to relax your mind, head over to our website for the FREE pattern, then browse our Farm Shop to pick from hundreds of skeins in cheerful dyed or natural colors.  Also, check out our Size 13 needles in many pretty colors just perfect for making this wonderful scarf!  Make one for yourself and discover the difference of high quality yarns, then make them for your friends and family (don't forget the guys!) in their favorite colors!  A really good yarn with a really easy pattern...what could be better than that?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wooly Bear

Puts my heart in my throat.

You're looking at an animal that while not perfect, is one of the finest on the planet.  This is Wooly Bear, our foundation ram.  This animal gives our farm a tremendous amount of overwhelming feelings...can't actually sum it all up with words!!!  Notice his perfect gorgeous horns?  This picture was taken as a four year old by the way.  Gentle, powerful, super soft, incredibly smart, amazing color, unbelievably hardy, and didn't ever miss ONE ewe put in with him, he has sired many, many lambs, an amazing soul.  A Grand Champion, his yarns have won us blue ribbons, too!  Pure quality top to bottom through and through.  It's what you'll find on Wheely Wooly Farm.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When it gets hot & humid...'s a good time for zzzzzzzz!
Wish we could!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Aquamarine Beautiful!

Another NEW color! Posie's Aquamarine!

Wheely Wooly Farm has a color for just about anyone!  With hundreds of skeins to choose from and a wide variety of colors, everyone is sure to find something that pleases!  Last week, we brought Sea Glass to the market for the first time, this week, Posie's Aquamarine!  What a lovely shade for summer knitting or crocheting, indeed.  Posie is a Claire lamb, and is a very popular seller.  

Also coming is more Pink Poodle, which sold out awhile back but is now available again.  See you at the market!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jacketing Sheep

Wheely Wooly Farm proudly does NOT jacket sheep.  Why?
1. Sheep safety!!  You won't hear about the sheep that become entangled, trapped, injured or die from coats, because they are not nice things to hear.  Some shepherds have never have this happen, some do.  It does happen.  It won't happen here.
2.  Jacketed sheep drive up the price of wool for knitters/crocheters.  To properly fit a coat on a good wool producing sheep requires two to three changes of coat per clip (year).  Each change of coat is added labor.  Each time a new coat is put on, it has been washed in a washing machine. That means there are two to three, or more, coats PER sheep, at a cost of usually around $20. PER coat.    With the public being asked to conserve water usage in many areas as well as invest in water conserving appliances and fixtures, Wheely Wooly Farm cannot justify using valuable water for washing large pieces of greasy fabric from dozens or hundreds of sheep, two or three times a year.
3. Coats take wear and tear.  They are torn on fences, feeders, hooves, etc. and need repair (either hand sewing, patches, or heavy duty sewing machines and thread).  This takes labor.  Labor costs money.  The price of yarn/fiber goes up, and not for quality, but for work involved.
4.  The coats themselves cost money.  The labor to put them on, take them off, and keep them washed drives up prices.  And yet, you can still get inferior quality in wool.  Coats mat fibers.  Sheep can get chaffing around necklines or inner rear leg straps. Coats create dark, moist environments perfect for unwanted creatures to take up residence (some shepherds deal with this by using more chemicals...more labor and $).  Bits of hay still manage to wiggle under the fabric and/or thru holes.  Jackets do not guarantee perfect, beautiful fiber, but they do guarantee increased costs that get passed on to the yarn buyers or spinners.

Our farm yarns have bits of grass/hay in them.  Grass is not dangerous to either sheep, or people.  There are far worse things we are all exposed to in our environments that are far more dangerous.  You may or may not notice little bits falling out of the yarn from time to time.  We are proud of this!  We feel it is a measure of our efforts to bring you beautiful wool from sheep that have been raised as close to nature as you can get in our modern world!  Our prices are held down (which has upset some people), because we choose certain management options to raise high quality wool without coats. In our current falling economy, keeping costs down while producing high quality has been highly appreciated!  This has allowed people who are taking pay cuts, job losses, cut hours and more, to continue enjoying 100% Wheelspun Yarns from our farm, while the wealthy continue to support our management style that produces high quality, comfortable, responsive yarns.  What do we do?
1.  We do not feed hay in feeders.  Elevated hay is a huge source of mess in fleeces!  Sheep also rub their necks on the feeders, causing further loss of the best part of the fleece.  Instead, we keep our sheep moving, and feed off the cleanest ground we can find, using the spoke method.  Our parasite load has been highly manageable over nearly a decade of time, so we know this works!
2.  We do not shear all on one day in early spring.  Instead, we shear individual sheep when the fleece is at it's best for the spinning, at a time when it is best for the sheep.  This is way out of wack of how most flocks have been run here in the U.S., but is exceedingly common in areas overseas, where ALL of our sheep breeds have come from.
3.  We shear after rain.  Rainwater is heaven for fleeces!!  It is soft, and does an outstanding job of cleaning fleece!!    Sheep shake, causing bits of seeds or grass to fly out.  It's a self-cleaning mechanism, born out of nature.  Sheep prefer to be clean, and have fluffy fleeces.  They will keep their fleeces that way if given the right environment.  When you hear that farmers are so keen on weather, it's because how the weather goes dictates how farming goes!  Rain-cleaned fleeces are pure joy to shear, require very little water for washing afterwards, and are a dream to spin!  This translates into gorgeous yarns!
4.  Wheely Wooly Farm does not expect to get a top of the cake, gorgeous fleece off EVERY sheep, EVERY year.  This is unrealistic in sheep management.  Instead, we allow the sheep to live a natural life.  For example, if a ewe has lambs, we may or may not shear her before lambing, depending on several circumstances.  If it's best to leave her fleece with her, we will, knowing lambs will LOVE nesting on her back in the warm wool.

  Lamb contentment comes first here!  When the time is right later, we will shear the fleece off and compost it (yes, sheep's wool is 100% biodegradable).  The health and well-being of the ewe and her lambs comes first for us.  Despite this management style, we still produce many gorgeous, clean, silky fleeces for yarn!

We feel jacketing sheep increases danger to sheep, increases costs for consumers, and eliminates customers who'd also like to enjoy 100% Wheelspun Yarns straight from the farm.  The shepherds, sheep, and sheep dogs all work very hard to bring high quality yarns to knitters and crocheters.  Buyers of our yarns can rest assured that our farm practices sound management that has been proven over centuries of time, throughout the world.  And if a bit of grass lands on your knee while what?  You can see that and know that someone cares.

Sunday, July 9, 2017



Meet ClaireBear.  She was made by the head shepherdess and owner of Wheely Wooly Farm, just for fun.  This soft stuffed bear is made from yarn provided by treasured ewe, Claire.  The eyes and nose are Shetland moorit scraps left over from another project, and are sewn on.   This little bear was a real pleasure to make!  Who knew making toys could be so fun?

All of Wheely Wooly Farm's 100% Wheelspun Yarns are great for knitting or crochet, and all are sold by sheep's name, in this case, Claire.  We mostly sell light worsted to worsted weight yarns because that is what you, the customers, have been telling us you want.  The number of colors we provide surprises even us, so you'll find hundreds of items to choose from in our online Farm Shop!  We also provide some bulky yarns in a variety of colors, for they are always popular as well.  If a yarn is bulky, it will say so on the label.

Patterns for toys are nearly everywhere and easy to find.  Try making a Wheelspun yarn toy this summer and join the fun!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sheep Farm Mugs!!

You'll love these super fun mugs, which are now available!  Far from run-of-the-mill drinkware, these shiny, high quality mugs hold 11 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage and are only $5.99 a piece!  The logo is imprinted on both the front AND back of each mug!  Get one to use when working on your favorite project, or get a set for when friends come over for a project party!  After all, how many sheep farms offer great mugs along with 100% Wheelspun Yarns in colors and softness you love?  
 Click on our website (to the right), then click on Farm Shop to order.  Scroll down to Gifts, and we'll either send you a mug, or you can schedule pick up at the Saturday morning markets!

What a great way to wait out summer's heat...sipping and knitting (or crocheting)!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pretty NEW colors of Handmade Needles now available!

Wheely Wooly Farm

Be the first to pick from all the pretty NEW colors of Handmade Needles just added to our Farm Shop!  Click on our website link on the right side of this page.  Once on our website, you can learn more about our popular needles on the Handmade Needles page.  To get to our Farm Shop, click on any pink oval button to enter the store, or go straight to the store from here by clicking 

New this year!  Purchase your needles early to ensure you get the color you want, then arrange at check out to pick up your needles at the farm market in Appleton this Saturday!

Or you can have your pretty needles shipped to you!

Hurry!  Purchase a minimum of $25. by July 1, 2017 (that's day after tomorrow!) and get $5. off!

If you'd like to make a wrap, we've got you covered!  Pick up a Wrap Pattern, your yarn, and the needles to make it all happen because they are finally all available!  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's here! It's done! It's here!

The wait is over!  The long anticipated Wrap Pattern is finished and ready for you!  Based on what we hear from you, we think you will love it, for this is a one-of-a-kind pattern!
Look for the PURPLE 3-RING BINDER!

You won't believe what we've included just for you!  This pattern gives you seven variations to enjoy!  It starts with the body of the wrap made with our 100% Wheelspun Yarns, which any knitter, even beginners, can achieve.  Helpful tips are included to keep you on track as you work.  If you are an experienced knitter, this is your relaxing down time knitting!  We all need that, don't we? lol

After the body is finished, the pattern continues with the variations, some for knitters, some for crocheters.  Mix and match the fun variations to create the wrap of your own personal aspirations all with one pattern!  Change ideas and make another.  The possibilities are many!  Start knitting on it this summer for a lifetime piece that you'll be proud to wear, or make one for someone you love!

What else is here and done?  The Wrap Needles!!  We can hardly believe we finally have these done for you.  They are Size 13's with 15 " long shafts perfect for knitting the wraps!  There are many NEW colors to choose from, such as Purple Pizzazz and Hydrangea Pink.  Ker-knit the Frog was so popular, it sold out on the first day!  We are scrambling to make more...

To see the needles, head on over to our new website and click on the Handmade Needles page, or order a pair, along with the skeins for your wrap, from our new secure online shop!  The Wrap Pattern will be there soon hopefully, as a digital sale or hard copy.  For now, you can pick it up at the market any Saturday 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

You won't believe the next thing this busy shepherdess is already working on just for you...hopefully to be finished on time for Saturday's market!

P.S.  The goslings are MUCH larger now and they are the most charming chatterboxes we've ever known!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gosling Fun!

Sheep farms love goslings!  Geese provide much needed assistance to the sheep pastures.  Around the world, geese help keep pastures 'cleaned up' of things you don't want your sheep ingesting.  The sheep are put out to graze a planned area, then moved to the next planned area when they've eaten the grasses down to a measured point.  Right after the sheep are moved off, the geese are put in.  They love it!  Geese are farm employees, and are valuable to have around.

That said, geese are FUN!  They are cute, easy, pleasant, and a joy to have on the farm.  Our spring goslings are growing super fast now.  They were born...let's see...May 20th.  As you see them here below, they are about half as tall as they are today already!

Baby Geese!

They love water, and have to have it at all times.  We give them a deeper pail with rocks on the bottom for dipping, so they can eat their food.  They also get this bird bath top, with it's gentle sides, cause you know, they have very big shoes to walk in!  As babies, they are terribly clumsy, as you can imagine!  The grass is delicious, full of good things to eat, plus they get starter kibbles.  I think the sunshine says grow, grow, grow!

We love our goslings.  If you ever have a chance to raise goslings, don't hesitate!  They are one of life's simple pleasures not to be missed!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Skeins, skeins, skeins!

We have the skeins!  Click on our website link to the right to learn more!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Storm Blew in some FLUFF!

Surprise, surprise!!  There is never a dull moment on the farm!  Excitement is always just around the corner...always!  First, I'll tell you about our little chick you see here in the picture below.  Little chickie is a Wyandotte...either a boy or girl, as we ordered some of each...who was feeling a little under the weather.  So we set up a little Chickie Hospital in an ice cream pail and placed this little bird under a separate heat lamp from the others in hopes that, with extra care, it would recover.
 Little Chick doesn't want to stand up.
(By the way...check out our Dandelion Games's not a game!, on the bottom of the Farm Gallery page on our NEW website!  Click on the link to the right here on the blog to get to our website, then click on the chickens on the gallery page, all the way at the bottom.)

This little chick won't stand up.  It eats, has no other symptoms, drinks nicely, peeps happily, and all.  It just won't stand up.  That started a few days ago.  So every little while, I take it some water in it's doll tea set creamer.  You can't leave the water as the chick is too weak to drink on it's own from it.  See the little tea creamer in the picture below?  Cute.
 Well, then a big storm blew in.  After our flowering trees were dressed in all their finery in the warm, summer-like breezes of the last several days, the temperature dove down, the wind began to howl, and today, we had pelting rain.  The wind lashed at the windows and howled in the cracks!  Things thumped and banged.  No one wanted to go outside...not even the cats!!  So in came all the flowers...and yes, my peach tree!  I've dragged this peach tree in and out for nearly a month now!  On nice days, it's out.  On set-back days, it's in!  Today, it's in!

So everyone was content.  The cats were sleeping on the hay, the lambs were leaping, then napping in their pen.  The horses were dozing in their stalls. The peaches were growing unhindered on the tree.  The shepherds were hoping to be dozing, too!  But then, we realized that the mamma goose who had a gosling yesterday, now had 5!  She's a very good mother and hisses intensely at you if you get within 50 feet of her.  But we have a racoon lurking about lately, and the goslings were not safe, even with her!  So we made the hard decision to take the goslings up to the house to a brooder.  She let me take them because she likes me.  Afterall, I raised her from a baby gosling, too.  I took the little fluff balls, and I mean, they are FLUFFY up to the house in a huge pail with it's lid on.  I had some nice hay in the bottom that was familiar to them, then I put the lid on loosely so air could get in, but no rain, and quickly pressed thru the rain and wind up to the farmhouse.  Into the makeshift brooder they went!  The heat lamp was already warm for the chick, and the chick was elated to have new buddies voices nearby!

So here are the just dry, brand new, super cute and outstandingly fluffy little balls we brought in on the wind!  First, they had to learn how to drink.  :)  Then, they had to find the food.  :)  Then, they had to figure out how those awkwardly huge feet work!  Oh, they are so cute!  They make cute little happy noises, and they love their warm brooder.  They will be safe here for a day or so, until they are eating good and the bad weather passes.  Then, they can go into a larger brooder with a feeder all their own.

Meanwhile, I ran out to check on Momma Goose.  She's grateful!  She was standing at the feeder, stuffing herself.  Hatching out all those goslings is hard work and stressful.  She was glad to do it, and did a great job!  Now, some Mom time.  Later still, she was sound asleep with her head under her wing.  Just what she needed!  I don't think she minded I took the goslings at all.

So with that, another exciting day on the farm is winding down, and the back porch of the farmhouse is stuffed to the gills with on the freezer, flowers all across the window sill, flower pots on the floor, geraniums on the freezers, and a beauty of a pepper on a tool box, plus, one happily peeping yellow chick, and five REALLY FLUFFY balls!  Oh, and one peach tree!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Knitted Wraps

Isn't this a gorgeous knitted wrap?  It's called the Daffodil Wrap as the main body is knitted in a soft daffodil yellow, with a pink-tangerine wide band and edged in a lovely creamy white, all to mimic those lovely heralds of spring we so look forward to seeing!

This would be so lovely to wear on a summer trip to the beach, or to snuggle up while sipping coffee outside while watching sunrises, or even for sunset walks!  So pretty with dresses or jeans, this anytime, anywhere wrap can go casual or fancy!  Fits perfectly into this year's fashion forecasts, although things like this never really go out of style, right?

 Made entirely of Wheely Wooly Farm's Wheelspun Yarns, you can find this wrap and others to purchase in our NEW secure online Farm Shop!  Head on over to our NEW website for more information and links to our shop.

Click here to go to the website

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

An Announcement!


We here at Wheely Wooly Farm are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and secure online store!

We invite you to visit us at
where you'll find all the information you need on finding us at our summer farm market, with easy links to our new secure online store!

This is an exciting time as we are very pleased to bring you shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.A. OR pick up of your order at the farm market on Saturday mornings!  Yes, that's right.  You can now order your yarn, needles, and knitted items during the week, to ensure you can get what you like best, and we'll happily have it ready for you the next Saturday, available for you during the normal market hours of 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

And how exciting to announce that our website can be viewed on your mobile devices!  Now you can look us up and find us even if you are already out and about.  Show your friends pictures from the farm gallery, or get their advice on yarn gifts you are thinking of getting for someone you love.

Also new this year...we will be accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay!  What an easy way to make your purchases, especially on the go like at the farm market!  We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards as well.

With all these great changes, we hope to serve you better and make your shopping experiences more enriching, convenient, and simple!  As it is all so new, we may experience bumps along the way until we can get things fully up and running.  For example, the yarns are mostly available in the store, but the wraps, scarves, hats, gifts, patterns, and embroidery yarns will be available in the store sometime between now and the start of market, which is June 17, 2017.  Come back and visit the store often to see what's new, for we are sure you'll be delighted just to see!

So click on the link above, and welcome to the farm!

Get $5. OFF with online store purchases of $25. or more!
Offer valid one time only thru 7-1-17

Monday, May 8, 2017

On Pasture

Breathe deep!  Ahhh!  That spring pasture smells so fresh and nice!  Did you hear the meadowlark?  Oh...a wild turkey!  Hey!  The owl is

Hello again.  Welcome to the farm blog that takes you into modern sheep farming.  Sheep have been kept for more millennia than is hardly imaginable.  They used to roam in very large flocks over vast areas of land, while being watched over by boys and men.  Of course we cannot let them roam so much like that anymore (the sheep, silly).  Good thing they are content with just a little good grazing, a good afternoon napping spot, and good friends to hang out with (the sheep, the sheep silly!)

Well, boys and men are not much wanting to watch over vast flocks of sheep anymore.  So us shepherds must do something!  Surely there are great candidates for the job of staring down sweet sheep and getting them to go where they need to go, and quickly?  Every sheep farm seeks talent in the sheep department...someone who is smart, quick, has their ears on, and super responsive to know...a natural!  Someone who lives for the work day and night, who is always ready to get the job done!  Someone like...


Swifty here....uh hum!  Please, please, please can I go put the sheep in now!  I can do it!  I'll do it for you!  Just say go!  Can I?  Now?  Yes?  Please?  Right now?  Go?  Now?  Please?

Shepherdess here...for those of you new to Wheely Wooly Farm, meet our sheep dog, Swifty.  He's one of those super lucky Border Collies to actually live on a real, live, active, working sheep farm!  His eyes tell you how much he loves his work, and what a natural he is!  

 His ears are always tuned in...always on the sheep.
One ear up!  That's my boy!

The grass here on the farm is getting long and ready for grazing.  The problem is, the sheep have been off grass since last October.  They've been eating dried grass, or hay, for seven months.  If you put sheep straight out on grass right out of winter quarters, they will die.  They need time to adjust their body chemistry to the changes in feed.  Ever go to a restaurant to eat a totally new kind of food and get a super bad stomach ache?  Well, it's sort of like that for sheep, but worse, as it can be deadly.  That's why sheep farms, and all owners of livestock know to get their animals on grass slowly, in very short periods.  We have been getting the sheep on our pastures for over a week now.  Each day, they go out a little longer.  I move them fast from section to section to "vacuum" up the dandelions before they go to seed.  Excellent nutrition after a long winter, and don't they know it!!  So while they graze, Swifty here has to wait patiently.  He sits with me and we listen to the songbirds, watch the grasses blow in the wind, and giggle at the sheep leaping and running sideways in delight at the fresh spring air.  Well, I giggle, Swifty gets squirmy to get workin!
What a good boy!  What a good day!  What a good life!

On pasture.  It's the place to be!  If you don't have a pasture to set your lawn chair up in, or a sheep dog to keep your work going, how about setting up in your back yard and imagining?  Or, how about a nice walk in a green space...while imaging what sheep might have roamed there before people came?  Listen for songbirds.  Can you identify them by name?  

Back in the farmhouse, Posie's yarn is coming off the wheel and Peppermint's is started!  Peppermint is Minty's little lamb from last year, one of twins and so far, her fleece is just as I'd hoped!  Stay tuned for updates and announcements to come.  We've made some changes this year to better serve you!  Can you believe summer farm market season is just weeks away?!?  We can't!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Gloppy, sloppy mud!

The farm is unusually soggy right now.  The sheep have been out to graze just a little so far this spring because everything is soggy, squishy wet.  So this year, we are doing things a little different.  Our lambs are growing really fast, taking a lot out of their mothers, so we are doing an early wean this year.  The timing is perfect!  The lambs are huge, eating ample feed, and in a place they love and is familiar.  The moms were taken out of the lamb pen and given a resting space right next to their lambs.  They are so relieved to get some rest!  You know the timing is good when the lambs delight in the extra room to run!  Cabot expressed his feelings by leaping higher than ever and tearing around...obviously feeling fantastical at the idea of the unobstructed space opened up.

So at this time, we are doing frequent barn checks on the lambs, making sure everyone stays where we last put them (with hammer and nails handy for putting fence boards back on!), and getting lots of other work done in between.  Summer farm market season is coming super fast!!!

Misty's lovely Country Apple Green Wrap being knitted on our Natural Needles
Watch for these exciting needles at the market this summer!

With all the wind, driving rain, and cold temps we've had, our wraps are the perfect thing to warm you up when you need a little something around your shoulders.  These versatile wraps can be easily put on or taken off throughout the day as you move through all the things you need to do in a day.  Less active but cool?  Wrap one of these around your shoulders and feel real comfort.  Feeling warmer when more active?  Lay across a chair for a very pretty and cheerful sight...ready for use at a moment's notice!   

Watch for more details on these Wheely Wooly Farm wraps coming real soon!  And we will have exciting announcements coming equally soon so stay tuned!

PS...Lil' Rainbow's yarn is finished and ready for sale, and now Posie's fleece is being spun.  I think this is the nicest fleece she's ever provided us!  It's positively dreamy to spin!  Next after Posie is of Minty's lambs.  She just gave us her first clip and I can't WAIT to spin it next!

If you are new to the farm's blog, welcome!  We are a small sheep farm in the USA just west of the Great Lakes.  The flock of sheep maintained here consists in part of genuine Shetland sheep, as well as other breeds for a variety of fibers that keeps the shepherdess and Lead Spinner quite busy.  Our yarns and knitted garments have traveled to countries around the globe with customers who find us.  From multiple US states to Canada, England, Scotland, Japan, Israel, India, and others, our products have been carried on the global winds indeed!  We hope you enjoy learning about the workings of daily life here on the farm, and come back to visit us again soon!