Shetland Sheep: Rich in History, Rich in Textiles

Shetland Sheep: Rich in History, Rich in Textiles! Our farm mission is to enjoy and promote the wonderful diversity of the Shetland breed by fully utilizing to the best of our ability all they have to offer historically. We believe the best preservation and management of this breed includes it's full spectrum of history. We encourage old and new shepherds alike to join in the fun by engaging in fiber arts, especially spinning and knitting, as this breed is so intimately linked with those aspects of the arts.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You'll never guess where Sophie is this time... nice it is to have a break away from the farm! I'm tired now. Today was one of those sleepy grey days where eyes just don't want to stay open. It's hard to imagine, as I deny my eyes their wish out of guilt, that on a normal nice day, I'd be outside, getting involved in any number of pulling those weeds over there, or cleaning out something, or digging up and replanting something, or moving a fence, or scrubbing every water container within half a mile, or studying an interesting bug on my vegetables, or brushing mud off my knees for the umpteenth time, or pruning off those branches that sunk too low, or checking fruit on the trees, or running to the hardware store, or exploring a newly dug hole somewhere (that I didn't dig), or racing the hens to the raspberry canes, or putting in a new gate, or getting the tape measure to run up my sunflower stalks, or hanging laundry out, or picking tidbits out of fleece, or fixing the fence in the bad corner, or hauling those interesting rocks I found, or.....

Sigh...this time off is so nice! And we have been having a very well behaved winter thus far; well, maybe I better be careful in saying that, as we have several weeks of winter to go...and still no cardinal love songs.

So I finished up this lovely scarf in time for Valentine's Day...then forgot to wear it! Silly me....!:)

I've also been spinning a lot this month (except when gone). I've been working on Gretl's Lace. That's Gretl, the lovely ewe, and her lovely neck wool. I decided to spin laceweight for a Shetland project. Laceweight yarns always take forever to fill bobbins because the grist is so fine, so I don't have the opportunity to work on them very often. However, I now have two lovely skeins all washed and dried. I'll put a picture of them up soon. I've also spun several skeins of fleeces we might keep for our own projects.

In the meantime...just look at this! That is Sophie, sleeping on a new sweater, folded up and placed briefly on the kitchen table!! That kitty is so funny! She will sleep a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e! :) Oh Sophie!


  1. That Sophie is a cutie!
    I'm also spinning some lae weight for a shawl. Boy are you ever right! Doesn't it just take "forever" to spin a bobbin full! But it will be worth it in the end!

  2. Isn't Sophie funny? I hadn't realized, until I started blogging, how frequently she picked unusual places to sleep! :) And I'm really looking forward to working with the laceweight yarn! The hardest part of making the yarn is the freeze up I get in deciding what to knit it up's so beautiful and I don't want to mess up by picking the wrong garment! Oh boy....

  3. It's really hard to pick "just the right thing"! I'm planning on knitting a swallowtail shawl. It's so beautiful and only requires approx 450 yds. And it's a free pattern too. Check it out on ravelry.
    I'm almost done with my lace spinning ... just a few more "clouds" of combed fiber to spin. I am fearing that plying will take forever.
    happy spinning!

  4. Diane, I love that shawl! I've always liked the lily of the valley repeat, and I love the swallowtails that inhabit a nest in my barn every June...always feel a sense of missing them when the nestlings fly off after flight lessons. The pattern seems well written, and gives nice wpi info, important since I wanted my yarn to bloom so I spun it with fewer tpi than I normally would with lace. Next the pattern and check my gauge! :) Thanks for lead! Amy

  5. LOL!!! Maybe we can do a swallowtail KAL!